Trapper Pack by Kraftex Review

Trapper Pack by Kraftex Review

Rats and mice are smart and sneaky creatures. They can easily infest a house without giving the usual signs and it can be too late for a homeowner to get rid of them. Staying alert and looking for the signs like chewed-through food containers, rat dropping, and even pets acting skittish, are all signs indicating that you might have a mouse or rat problem at home. Leaving them to go about living their lives inside your home is unhygienic and dangerous. Rodents are carriers of various diseases and may even have rabies.

From the moment you notice or suspect that you have mice or rats running loose inside your home it’s time to get ready to trap them. Mouse and rat traps are proven to be effective and reliable tools to combat rodent infestations. However, choosing the right traps can be tricky seeing as there are more than a few choices available.

To help you make your choice, this review will cover all you need to know about the Trapper Pack by Kraftex. Everything from the different unique features it has to the pros and the cons you can expect is in this review, so read on!

Features of Trapper Pack by Kraftex

  • Guaranteed instant kill
  • Highly sensitive trigger
  • Rats do not suffer
  • Humane spring-trap design
  • Better quality than wooden or glue traps
  • First quick snap efficiently solves problems
  • Buy with confidence
  • Sanitary, safe, and speedy
  • Durable plastic resists stains and foul odors
  • Easy to clean and reset
  • Reliable and reusable traps
  • Eliminates direct contact with rodent
  • An investment for a rodent-free home
  • Easy-to-bait design
  • Safe for the fingers
  • Pressure plates are colored for easier baiting
  • Allow for strategic trap placing in hard-to-reach areas
  • Each set comes with 6 traps
  • Great as long-term solution


One of the biggest advantage the Trapper Pack by Kraftex offers users is its unique easy-to-bait design. There is no struggling with accidental triggers because the pressure plates are color coded and can easily be avoided. The rat trap also makes disposal of the trapped and dead rodents easy because it requires little to no contact with the rodent’s body. It is safe and easy to use. Also add the fact that it is made of durable plastic, so cleanup is easily done.

Plastic rat traps also eliminate odor formation because they do not absorb blood, urine, fecal matter, and any other potentially dangerous rodent secretions. The trap does not rust over time, even with frequent use and washing. The quick releasing sensor pads are also a big advantage because it instantly traps and kills rodents. They do not suffer nor do they have the chance to escape from the trap. One snap is all it takes to exterminate the pests that are plaguing your home one by one.

Since most homeowners have to deal with more than just one rat or mouse at home, the set of 6 traps comes in handy. You can set all of the traps in one night to increase the number of rodents caught and to fully get rid of their presence faster. The unique design of this rat trap also allows users to strategically place the traps in hard-to-reach corners without fearing accidental triggering, a big advantage especially when you know where the rats or mice are hiding.


Although many users have been pleased with the result of using this rat trap, there are still some disadvantages worth noting. Sometimes when the rat or mouse is too big they are not instantly killed by the trap. This can result in a lot of struggling and prolonged suffering, something many homeowners want to avoid. If you notice that the rats at your home are large, this trap may not be the best choice for you.

Rats, mice, and other rodents are very smart creatures. If you notice that this trap is getting triggered with no results it might be time to change your tactics. Use bait that isn’t that easy to finish, and place the traps in different locations to catch them off guard. If at first you fail, just keep trying until you finally catch one.


The Trapper Pack by Kraftex isn’t the best trap for larger rats, but they do work well enough for smaller rodents like mice. If you believe you are dealing with strong and large rats you are better off with a different trap.